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If you disagree with the date your claim starts from for any other reason you can appeal against the decision.

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your rent, or you have got into arrears, you may need to make sure you request backdating for an earlier period. Pensioners can have their Housing Benefit claim treated as made up to 3 months earlier, without the need to request backdating.

We can treat your claim as if you had sent it to us up to 3 months earlier than the date that you make your claim.

For CTR to be considered for this period: If you are of working age and you want us to consider backdating your CTR, please request this when you make your claim for Council Tax Reduction online.

You can ask for a backdate if there is a reason that you did not apply for benefit earlier.

You will need to tell us the reasons so that we can make a decision based on your circumstances about whether to allow a backdate.

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Some examples of when you may have "good cause" are: Your claim will be considered by a Benefits Officer.

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