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His valiant son dies, unarmed, at the hands of people he believed to be his allies.We are meant to look at the grotesque realities of war lurking underneath the gleaming armor and fancy banners of medieval myth-making. Before fans were invested in the complex political machinations of Westeros and all of its epic storylines, they were probably drawn in by all of the titillating sexposition on screen.There’s been good sex, bad sex, and "sex" that was actually rape.

Grey Worm might not have a penis, yet that doesn’t make him any less of a man in Missandei's eyes.

The woman’s eyes flutter backwards and her breathing starts spiking; the man's head disappears as it drops below her waist.

All of this is meant to imply Grey Worm is performing some A oral sex, and it’s usually where a scene would end, as any form of cunnilingus is often deemed too raunchy for viewers’s innocent, innocent eyes.

For many fans who were appalled at the horrible scene of Jaime Lannister raping his sister/lover Cersei last season, it felt like the showrunners had only doubled down, putting Sansa Stark into the hands of sadist Ramsay Bolton and, to add insult to injury, making her former foster brother Theon Greyjoy watch.

Just as last year, accusations that the show takes sexual violence lightly and declarations of breaking up with But while I agreed with the critics of the Lannister rape scene last year, this time around, I believe that, while it was horrible to witness a beloved and innocent character like Sansa get raped, it didn't feel gratitutous or unserious.

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