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This rule has not been adopted by the USA or Canada.The European Union applies the Rule of the Shorter Term for works whose country of origin is outside the EU.All works published 1964-1977 have been renewed automatically and enjoy a full term of 95 years after first publication provided notice and eligibility requirements were met.Works published 1978 and later are under copyright for life-plus-70, though notice and eligibility requirements remained in limited form until 1989.) **Canada considers any "performance, recording, or delivery" as the equivalent of publication for works of authors who died between 19.The 93/98/EC Copyright Directive, consolidated in the 2006/11/EC Directive, harmonized copyright terms for EU countries at life-plus-70 years.It also restored copyright status for works which had entered the public domain in member countries with life-plus-50 terms at the time.Some groups will re-print public domain editions with no new editing and write "copyright 20XX" even though the work does not qualify for copyright protection.

As from January 1, 1995, the basic copyright has a duration of life of the last surviving author 70 years.

Anonymous editions enjoy a copyright of 70 years after publication, or if not published, 70 years after creation.

Under a provision entitled Prorogations de guerre there is 30-year extension of term for authors who 'died in action' (like Jehan Alain).

However, out of caution, IMSLP voluntarily prohibits the posting of critical or urtext editions published less than 25 years ago, with the exception of those issued by government entities (such as the USSR).

Works first published after the composer's copyright term had expired are known as "posthumous works" and have a limited copyright term in most countries.

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