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After the initial decision high, within a few days or weeks, you begin complaining that ‘this’ is really, really hard.

Going through the motions of life saying that you’ve ‘made’ a decision or that you’re No Contact (NC), and then running the I’m Going To Think About ‘Them’ Although I’ll Pretend I’m Not application in the background is like running on the spot.

You may also have the I Wonder Why I’m Not Good Enough application, along with the I Wonder If I Made The Right Decision application running.

Of course, the more of these memory and mind hogging ‘applications’ you have open, or the longer you have them open for, or in fact, the more you load on them causing them to exceed capacity, is the more life and energy hogging they are.

You don’t like what you’re feeling now because it feels like you’re denying yourself and that’s starting to feel worse than when you were unhappy with your weight.

In your daydreams, you imagine what would happen if someone came to you and offered you, for example, a tub of Green & Blacks white chocolate and raspberry swirl ice-cream. ” and you imagine how it will taste and how you’ll feel while you’re eating it.

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