Consolidating 403b accounts

18 in Purdue Memorial Union.* Purdue's retirement program investment options.* Retirement account fees.* How to consolidate retirement plan accounts.* How to schedule a confidential consultation.West Lafayette campus workshops will be offered Jan. Check the Staff Benefits website at Transfer Workshops.htmlfor a schedule. Through either option, employees can obtain the appropriate paperwork and complete the transfer process with the help of a Fidelity representative."That means that transfers can begin now that Purdue's enhanced retirement plan is in effect." Wesner says that having balances with more than one financial provider can mean that employees are paying more in fees than necessary.In addition, consolidating can give employees a better overall picture of their investments, fewer retirement account statements to review and less overall information to consider. There is no loyalty in the workplace any longer – from both employees and employers.Specifically: – For ages 23-27, 75% of workers were with their employer for less than 2 years.

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A schedule of walk-in help sessions at the West Lafayette campus is available on the Staff Benefits website at Transfer Workshops.html; regional campuses will communicate their own schedules.

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  1. For HB and CTS we normally start your claim from the Monday after you first made contact with us or the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), but only if you return a properly completed claim form within one month of us issuing it.