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I don’t talk about it.” Jackson, meanwhile, recently split from longtime girlfriend Diane Kruger after 10 years together.At the time of their breakup, the two vowed to remain friends – and have been spotted spending time together at least two times since.Low-key, she could probably give Kristen Stewart a run for her money because she has “hooked up with hotter girls than both of you combined,” as she so eloquently rapped on James Corden’s freestyle battle with Dave Franco. Cara and Annie started dating sometime in 2013, and we have watched their rocky relationship play out over the course of the past three years.I actually am predicting a showdown in the snow between Cara and Kristen at Sundance in January. Cara has a long list of hookups and exes, but her most public relationship (and probably the most popular celesbian couple of 2016) was and has been with the love of her life, Annie Clark a.k.a. This is turning into one of the most beautiful celebrity love stories of all time because Cara seems to still be fighting to keep Annie in her life in some capacity — even if they’re just friends.I have a confession: I cannot live without celebrity gossip.Before I was born, my grandparents owned a hair salon called Siz Whiz.Obsessively tweeting about a small web of high-profile women who may or may not be dating might seem like dicey territory, but the @celesbians account does so with aplomb, raking through Daily Mail stories for new evidence of budding relationships and connecting stars to their L Word foils. In The L Word, the character Alice Pieszecki explains her theory of The Chart™, which is simply that we are all connected by a series of relationships and/or hookups (but even more so within the small lesbian circles of America).

I know straight people will never believe anyone who tries to tell them that someone as famous as Taylor Swift could possibly be gay, but the queers always know the truth, years in advance. On a related note, I have an in-depth Kendall Jenner lesbian theory that results in a possible coming out in 2020 when her brother-in-law runs for president.

How do you feel about the media’s sexualization of lesbians? Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne, and Carrie Brownstein have all publicly acknowledged and displayed their love for ladies this year, and I am so incredibly proud and grateful for them.

Does it make you question the people reading your Twitter account? I also am very proud of our “Millennial Shane,” Kristen Stewart.

Vincent), and she’s closing out 2016 with model Stella Maxwell.

I don’t see Kristen settling down with anyone anytime soon because why should she? I personally would love to see her continuing to hook up with as many famous women as she possibly can. [Tyra banks voice.] But what about Cara Delevingne? Cara Delevingne has proven to be quite an iconic celesbian in 2016 as well.

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For the @celesbians Twitter account, 2016 was a busy year.

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