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There’s never a dull moment in finance, regardless of my name.

What I'm Working On: While I've already finished my Christmas shopping, many other consumers are waiting out the seasonal sales for rock-bottom prices — and we're working hard to answer all their savings questions.

What I'm Working On: My team is finally hitting its groove after a few weeks of training and settling into our new responsibilities, and I’m excited to see what we’re able to accomplish in the coming weeks.

I'll be working hard the rest of the year to give our readers as many gifts as possible, including in-depth reviews to see which hosting companies made Santa's naughty or nice lists.

What I'm Working On: The writers and editors at Digital Brands are always on task bringing our audience the top news in the sectors we cover.

I will also begin working on a new vertical we have coming up.

What I'm Working On: I'll be focusing on two projects this month.

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Meeting Other Men Gaining Their Attraction Keeping Your Man Community Q&A Finding a good man can be a struggle for a lot of guys.

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