Dlink validating address

Customer can Register Service Request by Entering Customer and Products details.

D-Link service team will validate warranty and service centre location details . D-Link Support team will contact you and validate warranty and problem reported.

To ensure your issues get addressed by our technical support team, please visit the provided link below and fill out the information required in the support form.

By completing it within the next 10 days, one of our engineers will have the necessary information to reach out to you directly.

I don't think that they're nearly as easy to install and setup to record as they'd have you believe.

My husband is more tech savvy than I am though and he was able to get everything up and running.

We value the input you have given us and we are truly sorry to see that you are having connection problems with the cameras.

You can't really use the app or the online viewer (which only works with Internet Explorer) to view past recorded video; you can only view live video.

We also didn't have a great customer service experience with D-Link..day one of the cameras just gave out.

The available Wi-Fi router was an old cable modem with only password security.

Even with this low level security I had a very hard time connecting the camera to the Wi-Fi.

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