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There have been repeated public demands for this document to be made public, dating back several months. On almost every occasion that the call was made, the response of the Government has been different.The first reason advanced for the non-disclosure was that a law assented to by President Jagdeo prohibits such disclosure.So in the Parliament, Ministers, in violation of all principles known to parliamentary democracy and of the spirit of the Constitution itself, chair oversight Committees.This occurs in no other democracy in the British Commonwealth.Again, the Government is obstinately refusing to disclose, although the law compels them so to do.The latest argument from the Government emanates from the “” of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

I'm from South America, I'm a loving, easy going person, love traveling and missions a... I am simple, single and charming young man who is ready to give that special all the love that I have stored here. Some of the women profiles you see here might be scams to collect money.In this latest release, Minister Trotman now shifts blame for the non-disclosure away from himself and places it at the foot of Cabinet and the Government.However, this does not absolve the obligation which the law imposes to make this disclosure.Its antithesis are political dictatorship; authoritarianism and anarchy.Each passing day exposes both, at a philosophical and practically level, this Government’s constant battle to comply with our fundamental law, the Constitution.

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This is so because of that deep-seated instinctive mentality that Cabinet and the Government are beyond and above the law.

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