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Demo showing how encrypted form fields can be assigned to one encryption context.Adds two encrypted fields to the Task table (Social Security Numbers and Credit Cards), a read-only encryption context field, an Facilities Move Management.Sets glide.email.create_userid_from_email=true so that when automatic user creation is enabled, the User ID of newly-created users matches the user's email address.Also widens sys_user.user_name column to 100 bytes to accommodate longer User IDs based on email addresses.Allows for detailed survey reporting that uses data from the related task record.

Prevents SMS messages from slowing down email message sending and vice versa.

Allows administrators to define rules that automatically set one or more field values when certain conditions are met. Any custom logic defined in the Calculate Priority business rule must be manually translated into the new priority data lookup definition.

Aids with capturing the demand and provides tools to screen, assess, and prioritize it. Activation should be done through Project Portfolio Suite with Financials plugin.

Support for drag-and-drop lists and ranking dialog.

Context ranking allows a user to sort a collection of records independently of the attributes of those records.

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