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Not only does she have to literally be in the dark throughout a good portion of this episode, she plays up the physical aspect of her situation with incredible skill. I didn’t feel like the end of this part of the story was anti-climactic either, as we get a full explanation for the “crack.” Caused by an explosion in time on June 26, 2010, the crack rewrites time as it expands and as the Angels rush to escape it, I found it a fitting end for the creatures that they were devoured by the time explosion in order to save Amy, River, and the Doctor.The scene where she has to navigate to the with her eyes closed, but acting as if she can see, is riveting, well-acted and logistically completely nightmare fuel. It’s one of those bits of wild science that would probably break down if I spent even five seconds thinking about it, but I’m in this to be entertained.Like I felt during “The Eleventh Hour,” just seems so fresh and new these days, and this episode is Moffat not only giving us a thrilling episode full of fright, but he shows that he can do emotionally huge drama like Russell T Davies was known for.

But in “Flesh and Stone,” there’s no waiting at all.

I worried that we’d have to deal with another story of the Doctor and his companions trapped inside of a spaceship with aliens trying to attack them, but, again, unbelievably unprepared. The Doctor reveals that there is an oxygen factory, a LITERAL MACHINE FOREST, on board the starship. Taking the episode to this new set really injects a completely different tone to the rest of the story.

Many of the moments where Weeping Angels flash into place behind trees and creeping around bushes are among the best images this show has ever produced.

And as cheesy as it might actually be, Father Octavian’s parting words are poetic and bittersweet.

For Karen Gillan, though, it’s being placed in an impossible situation that truly makes her shine, and I have no qualms about stating that I know I will already love her as a companion this early into her run.

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