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If you are sewing on a mechanical machine or an older computerized model, you are missing out on the benefits of modern technology.Our OPAL™ 670 computerized sewing machine is extra-efficient with loads of built-in assistance to change the way you sew for the better!They were further decorated with gold decals and the Singer name, but nowhere do they say "Featherweight" on them.In Great Britain a white Featherweight was sold, which was made in Scotland.The Singer Featherweight portable sewing machine is a model made by that company between 19.

Larry Oliver, a Featherweight collector on Compuserve, wrote to me: "I have seen a tan machine and a mint green machine (definitely NOT white). The rarest variant I have seen belonged to an old fellow who owned a Singer store in a small town for 50 years.

Singer Sewing Machines were first manufactured in 1851.

The manufacture dating provided here on our Web site is reproduced from the original Company register number log books.

(He also got married in the same year.) He became very well known by many people as a very diligent person and committed to excellent service.

In 1970 he went to Germany to study the new Singer 700 edition – the first machine that could wind the thread on the bobbin automatically, without removing the bobbin from the bobbin case.

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