Updating excel from access

I have a access dbase with patient #, name, and a deceased date. Please help I just manually typed in over 200 deceased dates.

Well, since this appears to have evolved into an old guys thread, I'll chime in (not sure who is older, but I've been around this forum for well over a decade).I would like to enter a date into the Excel Date Completed field in the Excel linked tbl and have it update the Access Date completed field.Is the problem I have related to the fact the Excel file is a "Template"......which is after completion saved under a different name ?I'm trying to make this as simple as possible for end users, and don't want them to have to manually refresh the DB data.2) When I refresh the data from Access using the [Data] -- [Refresh all] button, if it adds new rows, it breaks the formatting of all the cells to the right (e.g. Here is a screenshot of what breaks after update: How do I make it where it doesn't break the formatting of the unit conversion calculator (I don't want it to affect anything outside columns A-F)? The best solution to not messing up your calculator is to move it to its own tab.

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