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Are Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes causing more drama by refusing to admit they're a couple?Rumors have swirled around the two for years now, but neither would confirm anything -- in fact, Foxx flat-out denied the romance to ET not once, but twice, claiming it was "one hundred percent not true." On Tuesday, his "good friend," Claudia Jordan did the confirming for him – then quickly reneged, saying she had "misspoke.""Jamie is extremely mad that she told everyone," a source close to Jordan tells ET, claiming Foxx's team even contacted the reality star.Now every time you see her in the press, it's about who she dates and I don't ever want that...I think if you give [the public] who you're dating, pretty soon that's all you're talking about.""We love it though, 'cause I love it too," he admitted. ' Then the next week, 'Aww, they done departed.' You know, they show you the picture where it's split in half."MORE: Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes: 8 Other Couples Who Have Kept Their Relationships Super Private So, that's that, it seems: As Foxx said in his own words, if he and Holmes are really, dating, we will never know about it -- and even though we do, it's safe to assume nobody has any plans of ever making it on-the-record official. After gushing on the "Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss" podcast that Foxx "is very happy" with Holmes, the former star sat down with ET to say she has "no knowledge" of the two being a couple."I've never seen them together, he's never told me he's dating her," she claimed, before explaining it off, "A lot of times I get asked questions about celebrities, some I know, some I don't -- a lot times we just give a safe, kind of generic answer.When asked about her dating life a few months ago, the actress retorted, “That’s not something I want to answer!” star and friend to the 48-year-old actor, Claudia Jordan, even confirmed the relationship and June and revealed that the pair is “really happy.” She quickly backtracked however, when her comments went viral. 13, the covert couple almost blew their cover at Barbra Streisand‘s concert in New York when Holmes openly cheered as her man performed with the iconic singer. “They figured it wasn’t a violation of the public rule because security prevented photos. "I'm looking [at tabloids] all, "Ooo, they together! Sorry I don't have this bombshell story, but I cannot confirm them."(For what it's worth, Von and Weiss, the podcast hosts, told ET in a statement, "Claudia has a right to her opinion on what she said, but we did not edit or alter her response in any way.")Hear more of Jordan's exclusive interview in the video below.It’s been nearly four years since dating rumors first swirled around Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx.

"Outside people don't really have a place to speak on your business, and they shouldn't, including people that know you, because it can be taken the wrong way."It's reasonable why Holmes might want to keep her first post-Tom Kat relationship low-key, after being one half of the biggest couple in the world -- and considering the tabloid covers, paparazzi scrutiny and jumped-on couches that accompanied it.First linked at a charity event in 2013, the year after Holmes was divorced from Tom Cruise, the twosome have traveled to Mexico and Miami in the last year; Holmes also visited Foxx on a Paris film set in May.They also spend time together in Los Angeles, where they both have homes. “Katie often picks up groceries and Jamie brings over dessert.” And for now, some under the radar simplicity — and privacy — is enough.As exclusively reported by Us, the Oscar-winning entertainer whisked Holmes away for the weekend for a “quick trip.” The lovebirds stayed in one of the most private suites at the luxe Las Ventanas al Paraíso resort."They wanted to be very discreet and had everything delivered to their room and taken care of by a personal butler,” a source told Us at the time.

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Katie Holmes is keeping her steamy romance with Jamie Foxx under wraps because of a secret divorce deal with Tom Cruise, Radar has learned.

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